About us

Ingham Pinnock Associates is an economic development and regeneration consultancy.  We specialise in working with historic market towns, heritage buildings, trusts and local government. Our strength is in applying our skills, passion and experience to a variety of projects in urban and rural environments.
All of our projects are bespoke, but our approach is always based on immersing ourselves in an area and undertaking rigorous research; this gives us a platform for providing robust advice and identifying new ideas and opportunities.

We delight in bringing a fresh perspective to the places we work, whilst providing practical and precise advice alongside comprehensive support.

We want inspire and enthuse our clients, generating creativity to help drive improvements with the limited budgets they have.  Where we do this the benefits are clear.

We thrive on working in teams that include experts in a variety of fields from conservation architecture to archaeology and transport consulting.

We are proud to have built a strong reputation based on passion, innovation, commitment and professionalism. Ultimately, we strive to improve the performance of buildings, places and organisations by working in partnership with our clients and planning great projects.

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