• Croydon Cycle Station feasibility study

Croydon Cycle Station – feasibility study

Client: London Borough of Croydon
Location: Croydon, London
Date: 2012

Services: Economic development

We were instructed alongside Transport Initiatives to undertake a feasibility study for the delivery of a new cycle station as part of the East Croydon Interchange redevelopment project. The purpose of the study is to test levels of likely demand for the facility and develop a series of robust business models that can deliver a commercially sustainable cycle station serving this growing Metropolitan Centre.
In May 2011 the London Borough of Croydon was awarded funds by TfL for the development of cycle hubs, cycling communities and raising the profile of cycling locally. Part of the funding was for the installation of a new cycle station in the East Croydon Interchange project which is captured in the adopted East Croydon Masterplan.  Our brief is to test the feasibility of this proposal.
Our role is to review comparable cycle stations from across the UK and analyse their business models, identifying factors for success as well as issues that have led to failure and apply these lessons to develop a strong and sustainable proposal for East Croydon.
Specific services:
  • Identification of cycle stations elsewhere in the UK
  • Consultation with owners and operators of cycle stations
  • Analysis of business models from other similar facilities
  • Preparation of a number of potential models for the East Croydon Interchange
  • Preparation of discount cashflow forecasts for short-listed options.
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