• Newham College of Further Education relocation outline business case

Newham College of Further Education outline business case

Client: Newham College of Further Education
Location: Newham, London
Date: 2012

Services: Economic development

We are instructed by NCFE to help them make a compelling case to the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) to relocate to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park after the 2012 Olympics (commenced at prior employment, Urban Delivery).
The College currently operates from a number of properties of varying condition dispersed across the borough and is seeking to consolidate a number of the larger buildings which represent significant maintenance liabilities.
We are helping the College by demonstrating the impact of the relocation on the London economy and the socio-economic impact of the relocation on the Six Host Boroughs Convergence Framework.  Our work has informed the relocation strategy to ensure that the new College facilities are aligned to the future needs of the London economy and meet the needs of the Olympic Park as it becomes a major new urban centre over the next decade. We have provided discounted cash-flow models for a range of relocation scenarios to demonstrate the overall saving to the College / public purse of the relocation project and have worked with the design team (Allies and Morrison)  to create a number of spatial options for the new campus.
Specific services:
  • Statistical research into socio-economic characteristics of learners in Newham
  • Research into learning and economic impact of improvements to education property
  • Bespoke social and economic appraisal of education impact of the proposed relocation
  • Bespoke appraisal of the regeneration impact of the proposed relocation in the context of the 6 Host Boroughs Strategic Regeneration Framework
  • Discount cash-flow modelling of various relocation options
  • Detailed consultation with London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) and other stakeholders
  • Inputs to preparation of Relocation Outline Business Case
  • Identification of areas for future joint working between the College and LLDC
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