• Broadland Buildings At Risk Pilot

Broadland Listed Buildings At Risk Pilot

Client: English Heritage
Location: Broadland, Norfolk
Date: 2013

Services: Economic development  | Management & implementation

In the autumn of 2012, English Heritage announced that it would be commissioning a series of pilots to trial different methodologies for creating Grade II Buildings at Risk Registers as part of its Heritage At Risk programme. English Heritage already maintains Buildings at Risk Registers for Grade I and Grade II* Listed Buildings.
Following a national search, English Heritage selected a series of pilots that covered a range of different scales, locations, types of assessment methodology, Local Authority register type, number of Listed Buildings included and data gathering techniques. The pilots were designed to help English Heritage assess whether or not to extend the scheme to national coverage and if so, the best methodology for doing this.
Broadland District Council and Ingham Pinnock Associates were selected to undertake one of the pilot studies to establish a Building At Risk Register for Grade II Listed Buildings across Broadland District. Although the main emphasis of the pilots was to establish a methodology for Grade II Listed Buildings, the Broadland pilot also identified and assessed Grade I and II* Listed Buildings.
The Broadland pilot was managed by Ingham Pinnock Associates and Broadland District Council and utilised existing voluntary and community groups to contribute towards undertaking building surveys.  Specialist advice was also provided by a group of experienced heritage professionals including Ian Lush (The Heritage Alliance and Architectural Heritage Fund), John Townsend (Architectural Heritage Fund) and Iain Soden (IS Heritage). Volunteers were recruited and will be provided with building assessment training and an opportunity to attend two lectures given by leading heritage professionals on related topics in return for their help. Once the survey work was complete we worked with English Heritage to establish action plans for buildings that are considered to be particularly vulnerable.
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