About us

Ingham Pinnock Associates is an economic development and regeneration consultancy.  We specialise in working with historic market towns, heritage buildings and local government. Our strength is in applying our skills, passion and experience to a variety of projects in urban and rural environments.

All of our projects are bespoke, but our approach is always based on immersing ourselves in an area and undertaking rigorous research; this gives us a platform for providing robust advice and identifying new ideas and opportunities.

We delight in bringing a fresh perspective to the places we work, whilst providing practical and precise advice alongside comprehensive support. Read more…


We provide consulting services at every stage of the project process from visioning to detailed planning, implementation and operation. We work at a range of scales from economic sub-regions to districts, towns, streets and individual buildings. We work in many different areas ranging from large rural estates to market towns and villages through to cities and urban neighbourhoods. We build lasting working relationships with town and parish councils, community groups and town teams, trusts and family estates, colleges and universities, local authorities, charities, LEPs, national bodies and government departments.

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