NEWS: IPA celebrates its 9th Birthday

As IPA celebrates its 9th birthday we thought we would just spare a moment to take stock of the fundraising work we have helped with over the last year or so.

Mavisbank House, Midlothian, Scotland

The heritage sector has experienced a seismic shock and an extended period where none of the normal assumptions have applied and things have changed very fast.  But the world is still full of amazing buildings and places that need support and whilst conditions may have changed we are certain that with passion, energy and integrity, great projects can still succeed.  We have helped different projects secure funds in various ways from managing and preparing applications, through to procuring and managing specialist inputs or contributing to wider bids, and we are proud of the contribution we have made to the sector during this difficult time.

Taylor’s: Saving the last major bellfoundry in Britain

  • NLHF Heritage Enterprise Delivery Grant: £3.45m (secured)
  • Cultural Recovery Fund 1: £246,000 (secured)
  • Heritage Emergency Fund: £93,000 (secured)
  • Historic England Repair Grant/Heritage Stimulus Grant: £449,000 (secured)
  • Garfield Weston Foundation: £150,000 (secured)
  • Pilgrim Trust: £40,000 (secured)
  • Sylvia Waddilove Foundation: £12,500 (secured)
  • Swire Charitable Trust: £50,000 (secured)
  • MHCLG Towns Fund: £835,000 (pending)

Maison Dieu: Reawakening a Gothic Fantasy

  • NLHF Delivery Grant: £4.27m (secured)
  • Other public sector funding: £4.5m (secured)

Fenland District Council

  • MHCLG March Future High Street Fund: £6.4m (secured)
  • Growth Deal for a new South Fens Business Park: £997,000 (secured)

Save Mavisbank:

  • NLHF Heritage Horizon: Over £5m (pending)

Urgent repairs to the Church of Our Most Holy Redeemer, Clerkenwell

  • Historic England Repair Grant: £297,000 (secured)
  • No. 1 Trust Fund £18,000 (secured)
  • Cloudesley Foundation: £50,000 (secured)

Letton Hall, Sir John Soanes’ first County House

  • Pilgrim Trust: £10,000 (secured)
  • NLHF Heritage Grant: £38,000 (secured)
  • AHF Viability Grant: £4,600 (secured)
  • AHF Cultural Recovery Grant: £32,900 (secured)
  • Cultural Recovery Fund 2: £44,100 (secured)
  • Heritage Emergency Fund: £25,800 (secured)

Tilbury Riverside

  • MHCLG Towns Fund: £2.75m (pending)