• Carnegie Library Feasibility Study

Carnegie Library feasibility study

Client: London Borough of Lambeth and Friends of Carnegie Library

Location: Herne Hill, Lambeth
Date: 2013

Services: Economic development  | Masterplanning | Management & implementation

We have been appointed by the London Borough of Lambeth to work with Butler Hegarty, specialist heritage architects, to develop a feasibility study for a Grade II listed Carnegie library in south London. We will be working with the London Borough of Lambeth and the Friends of Carnegie Library over the coming months to develop a number of feasible options for this fantastic building.
As funding is cut or redistributed across the public sector, service provision is changing and with that the function and space requirements for them.  One key area that is currently being affected by this is library services which provided the starting point for this project. The London Borough of Lambeth are taking a proactive approach to managing their assets and are looking in more detail at the Carnegie Library in Herne Hill alongside the Friends of Carnegie Library group to establish a solution for the building going forward which takes in to account the changing needs of the community, changes to service provision and the need to ensure that the building is financially sustainable. Alongside this, there is a need to ensure that this wonderful building is carefully restored and its life prolonged.
Specific services:
  • Background research in to the local property market, local planning issues and demand
  • Concept development alongside the design team
  • Non-financial options appraisal
  • Indicative financial appraisal (treasury compliant net present cost analysis)
  • Non-financial and financial appraisal of the options
  • Feasibility study
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