• NewVIc potential relocation

NewVIc potential relocation

Client: NewVIc
Location: Newham, London
Date: 2012

Services: Economic development  | Management & implementation

We were commissioned by NewVIc to help them identify a number of potential relocation sites in and around the borough of Newham, east London (commenced at prior employment, Urban Delivery).
NewViC is a large College currently operating from a single, low-rise campus in Plaistow.  The current campus comprises a number of buildings of varying age and condition and is very poorly located in terms of public transport accessibility and the forecast pattern of learner growth in the area.
Our brief was to help the College identify suitable relocation sites likely to come onto the market or already being marketed that met a number of specific requirements such as public transport accessibility and public prominence.  We rapidly identified a long-list of sites and worked with the College to appraise these and draw-up a short-list.  Following this we entered into exploratory discussions with relevant freeholders / leaseholders to establish the broad feasibility of working with the College.
Specific services:
  • Review of College Estate Strategy and background documents
  • Preparation of site search criteria to reflect the objectives of the College
  • Site search across Newham
  • Identification and appraisal of a long-list of potential relocation sites
  • Strategic appraisal of a short-list of potential relocation sites
  • Consultation with stakeholders and landowners / long-leaseholders of potential relocation sites
  • Inputs to potential relocation heads of terms
  • Short-list of realistic relocation sites
  • Established dialogue with landowners of potential relocation sites
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