Portas Pilot funding bid
Portas Pilot funding bid
Portas Pilot funding bid

Portas Pilot funding bid

Client: Broadland District Council
Location: Aylsham, Norfolk
Date: 2012

Services: Economic development  | Management & implementation

We were commissioned by Broadland Council to prepare applications on behalf of the Aylsham Town Team for the Portas Pilot programme (commenced at prior employment with Urban Delivery).  Building on our previous work on the Regeneration and Delivery Strategy we liaised with landlords and tenants to secure their support, set up a working party to prepare the application and accompanying YouTube video and assemble the necessary documentation.
We helped the Town Team to identify their priorities, define and plan an innovative and effective suite of projects and express their passion and determination to support their town centre.  More importantly, we created a structure and process that will create a positive legacy for Aylsham regardless of whether it was awarded Pilot status or not.
The fantastic video accompanying the applications can be viewed at YouTube at the following link.
Specific services:
  • Consultation with the Aylsham Town Team to introduce the Portas Review
  • Scoping and testing the potential contents of the application with the Town Team
  • Detailed design of individual Portas Pilot initiatives
  • Inputs to creation of YouTube video prepared by local college student
  • Management and assembly of the application documents
  • Submission of Round 1 and Round 2 Portas Pilot applications and YouTube video
  • On-going support for the delivery of specific projects contained within the Portas Pilot applications
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