NEWS: Reepham Chamber of Commerce implement signage project to attract visitors

Reepham Chamber of Commerce have recently erected new signage around the beautiful town of Reepham to help bring visitors in to the town centre.

Reepham is surrounded by many fantastic cycle and footpaths, most notably the Marriot’s Way, but because the Marriot’s Way skims the outskirts of the town, users may not have been aware that they have been missing out on visiting this fantastic town and in turn supporting the shops and businesses.

We have been working with Reepham Town Team since the end of 2012 to develop an economic strategy of the town. The strategy has recommended a series of projects that will help to support and enhance the local economy. One of the projects we identified was the need to create better links to the town centre from the Marriot’s Way. This signage project is intended to be a temporary solution to the issue identified in our report, whilst a more permanent solution is developed and implemented.

For further information on the project please follow this link.