NEWS: Broadland Listed Buildings at Risk Pilot: Volunteer training day success

We are delighted to report that the training day for local volunteers taking part in the pilot held on Saturday 6th April was a great success.

The approach we have developed with Broadland District Council to undertaking our pilot is reliant upon empowering local volunteers and training them to undertake external building surveys.

The day began with a welcome from John Ette (English Heritage) who outlined the national Heritage at Risk Programme and the agency’s strong desire to understand more about buildings at risk and take remedial action.  Our own Ross Ingham then took attendees through our approach to the pilot and the process we are asking volunteers to follow.  Lynette Fawkes and Barbara Hornbrook from Broadland’s conservation team presented a series of case study buildings at risk in Broadland highlighting practical approaches to undertaking surveys and particular issues to look out for.  The session then moved on to brief attendees on the technical assessment requirements and run through a dummy building survey.  Finally, Iain Soden from IS Heritage brought the session to a close with a brilliant lecture highlighting the many fascinating but challenging Listed buildings he has been involved with throughout his career.

Around 50 volunteers in total attended the training day, many with significant experience and expertise in conservation and development.  We have already had lots of positive feedback from attendees and we are all looking forward to implementing the survey work shortly.

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