NEWS: Brundall Neighbourhood Plan consultation

The Brundall Neighbourhood Plan Working Group is delighted to invite the community to review the very first draft of the Brundall Neighbourhood Plan.

The first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan is the culmination of around a year of hard work and the dedication and input of volunteers and community representatives.

At the heart of the plan are eight draft policies focusing on ways in which the physical environment, the economy and the social life of Brundall might be strengthened.

The policies contained within the draft Plan reflect community feedback from a number of consultation events, the survey undertaken for the Parish Plan and independent research. However, the policies are not final and the Working Group is keen for local residents and businesses to review and provide feedback.

The consultation period will run from the 5th of December to the 30th January 2015. Regulations require the document to be consulted on for six weeks but we recognise that the consultation period spans Christmas and so have extended it to eight weeks to give everyone the chance to have their say. The documents will be available online from the 28th November 2014.

It is vital that the Neighbourhood Plan reflects the views and aspirations of the local community, and we encourage you to comment and get involved.

The Pre-Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan and Sustainability Appraisal can be found online at Follow instructions on how to e-mail comments.

Hard copies will also be available to review at a number of buildings around the village including the Memorial Hall & Library as well as at the Broadland District Council and Broads Authority. Comment sheets will be available at each of these locations with instructions on how to submit them.



Notes to editor.


What is Neighbourhood Planning?

Neighbourhood Planning is a new community-led planning initiative that has emerged from the Government’s Localism policy. It gives local people new rights to help shape the development of the communities they live in. Neighbourhood Plans allow communities to set out planning policies on the development and use of land in the ‘neighbourhood area’ which in Brundall’s case is the civil parish.   Any policies included within a Neighbourhood Plan need to conform to strategic planning policies and guidance at the local, national and European level; this means that it cannot be used as a mechanism to undermine established planning policies or planning permissions.   But local neighbourhood plans can be used to provide additional detail and guidance on issues that cannot be addressed in more strategic documents.

A Working Group was set up by the Parish Council last year to prepare the Plan including representatives from a range of community groups and organisations such as the primary school, the business group and Riverside Residents. The Working Group is being supported by Ingham Pinnock Associates who provide guidance on technical aspects of the process.

Further information about the Neighbourhood Plan and the event is available from either the Parish Clerk, Sharon Smyth, at ( or from the Plan consultants at Ingham Pinnock Associates (