NEWS: Commission for Rural Communities report highlights importance of rural businesses working together

The Commission for Rural Communities has published a report entitled Rural micro-businesses: what makes some thrive in a challenging economic climate, it reviews why some very small businesses are successful during periods of economic difficulty. It makes recommendations to Central Government, LEPs and Local Government about how to support and encourage small businesses and it includes case studies of successful initiatives and businesses.

The report highlights many reasons for success, the key being rural micro-businesses working together/forming networks, diversification, identification of niche markets (particularly specialist food or accomodation provision), a deep understanding of local markets, selling products to a wider market and working with public sector initiatives.

We support the findings of the report which adds further weight to the work we are doing in rural market towns, if you would like to discuss this please do not hesitate to contact Ross or Kate.

To learn more about the report, follow this link.