NEWS: Discover Aylsham website launched

We are delighted to announce that Aylsham Town Team have launched the new Discover Aylsham website. The website provides a useful source of information for those that live, work and visit the beautiful market town in Norfolk. The website is being launched in two phases, the second phase will be launched in the new year and provide more information on what is on offer in Aylsham. The website can be found by visiting

The website has been developed by the Town Team following proposals in the Regeneration Strategy that we produced in 2011/2012 (whilst at previous employment, Urban Delivery). One of the initiatives identified in the Strategy was to improve the national and international and international profile of the town.

The Strategy baseline research identified that despite the presence of a number of fantastic assets, the visibility of the town to people outside the local area is limited. Relative to its size, Aylsham has a large number of strong assets such as the historic and attractive town centre, Blickling Hall, the Bure Valley Railway, Keys Auctioneers, award-winning independent retailers, attractive rural hinterland and recognition as a Cittaslow town to name but a few.  Each of these assets is a major attraction in its own right capable of creating a national or international profile and drawing in large numbers of visitors.

This initiative therefore sought to utilise a number of established mechanisms to increase awareness of Aylsham and improve the overall profile of the town and the various assets it offers.

Under this initiative, one of the projects that the report proposed was to create a consolidated internet marketing presence for Aylsham. The baseline research highlighted that presently Aylsham has a reasonable online presence.  However, it is represented on a large number of disparate websites, the quality of which varies and there are only some linkages between websites.  This can create confusion amongst web users and the multiplicity of websites can lead to duplication of messages and a large number of different sources that need to be updated and maintained. The project therefore sought to create a simplified web-presence for the town which would improve overall internet visibility and provide a single, comprehensive sign-post to other more specialist websites.

Congratulations to all those involved with pulling the website together.

To find out more about the project, please visit our project page which can be viewed by following this link.