All About Reepham event: Invitation for Reepham clubs to take part

The Reepham Town Team would like to invite all Reepham groups and clubs to take part in the first ever ‘All About Reepham’ event due to take place on Saturday 25th February 2017 from 10am to 3pm.

The Town Team is made up of representatives from local groups including; Reepham Chamber of Commerce, Reepham Town Council, Broadland District Council and many others. Over the last few years the Town Team has been instrumental in various local events and projects such as establishing the Festival of Light, securing Vodafone mobile reception, lobbying for a replacement for the HSBC cash-machine and putting on courses for local businesses.

The purpose of the event is for all the various clubs and groups in and around Reepham to come together at St Mary’s and St Michael’s, to promote themselves and encourage members of the local community to join. The event will be advertised to all local residents, free to attend and good fun!

We would like the event to be as vibrant and interesting as possible, perhaps with local groups putting on ‘give it a go’ sessions, demonstrations, competitions or providing advice. For example; a similar scheme elsewhere has seen a gardening society provide plant identification advice, the local football club providing taster sessions to sign up to at the event and the local cycling club running a competition to see who can cycle the furthest (on an indoor bike!) in two minutes.

The idea for the event came from discussions at Reepham Town Team meetings where members reported that several local groups and societies are struggling to recruit committee members, trustees and general members. Sadly, as a result, a number of groups have now closed and Reepham has lost a small but fundamental part of its social fabric. The Town Team recognise the vital contribution that all of the groups in Reepham make to the vibrancy of the community and the lives of individuals and would like to support them wherever possible, hence the creation of the All About Reepham event.

We would be delighted if your club or group would like to participate in the 2017 All About Reepham event. If you are interested, please could you contact Lynsey Hubbard at by January 10th 2017.