EVENT: Drayton Neighbourhood Plan consultation

The Drayton Neighbourhood Plan Working Group would like to invite residents of the village and surrounding area to the first in a series of public consultation events on the Drayton Neighbourhood Plan.  In order to try and make it as easy as possible for residents to attend, the programme of consultation events will span three days and take place at three different locations around the village:

  • Thursday 8th May:  King George V Playing Fields, 4pm to 8pm
  • Friday 9th May: Bob Carter Centre, 4pm to 8pm
  • Saturday 10th May: Thorpe Marriot Village Hall, 10am to 2pm


Each open-session will take the same format and all are entirely informal and designed to allow residents to drop in to share their thoughts and views.

These  consultation events are the first in a number of similar sessions due to take place over 2014 to allow everyone to have their say in the future of Drayton.  We would be delighted if you could spare some time to come along, learn more about Neighbourhood Planning and start to tell us your views on how you want Drayton to look in the future and how we need to be guiding any changes.

It is vital that the Neighbourhood Plan reflects the views and aspirations of the local community and so we encourage you to attend or follow its progress.

The Neighbourhood Plan will build on the work undertaken producing the Drayton Parish Plan which was completed in 2011.  Importantly, if ultimately adopted, the Neighbourhood Plan will become a statutory document which means it carries more weight than the Parish Plan; this means that future developments will have to reflect its contents and any projects set out in the plan stand a better chance of being delivered.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the Neighbourhood Plan or would like to become involved, you can find out more by contacting Hilary Kisby, Chair of Drayton Parish Council at kisby.jandh@talktalk.net or Kate Pinnock from Ingham Pinnock Associates at kate@inghampinnock.com.  Alternatively further information and updates will be posted on the Parish Council website http://www.draytonparishcouncil.org.uk/ and the Ingham Pinnock Associates website www.inghampinnock.com.

To download a poster for the event please follow this link.



Notes to editors

Neighbourhood Planning is a new community-led planning initiative that has emerged from the Government’s Localism Bill. It gives local people new rights to help shape the development of the communities they live in. Neighbourhood Plans allow local communities to set out planning policies on the development and use of land in the ‘neighbourhood area’ which in Drayton’s case is the civil parish.

Any policies included within the Neighbourhood Plan will need to conform to strategic planning policies and guidance at the local, national and European level.   This means that it cannot be used as a mechanism to undermine established planning policies or planning permissions such as the Hall Lane scheme.   Rather policies can be used to provide additional detail and guidance on issues that cannot be addressed in more strategic documents.

The Neighbourhood Plan is being progressed by a representative Neighbourhood Plan Working Group which includes representatives from across the community and will be working hard on the production of the plan over the next 12 months.  The work programme will be punctuated with a series of consultation events where the local community will be invited to contribute to the development of the plan.