NEWS: How to profit from online retailing

Have a look at this great article by the Guardian small business network on how small business owners can profit from online retail.
An excerpt from the article is set out below or to read it in full click here.

Selling products through online marketplaces and auction sites has become increasingly popular with home-based businesses because of the low startup costs, flexibility and the feeling of being in control of your own business.

James Ward is an illustrator who has a “shop” on Because of his Etsy page, he was commissioned to design a T-shirt for the sportswear company Lacoste. “They saw my Cat Doll print and wanted a similar design featuring a crocodile in a dress waving a tennis racket around, he says on his Etsy Blog. “I absolutely loved this job – I was given a free rein to produce the image I wanted.” Guardian, 26.06.13