NEWS: One Show Community Action show

The BBC is looking for community projects to feature on the One Show for their new feature called ‘One Show Community Action’. For further information please visit the following website

A copy of the information contained within the Volunteer Now page is also listed below:

BBC’s The One Show Searches for Community Projects

11 September 2012

BBC TV’s The One Show is looking for community projects across the UK that need a helping hand.

We want to use our influence to galvanise volunteer efforts in different schemes for a new weekly feature on the programme in the coming months.

Perhaps you have a community hall that needs a lick of paint and a good tidy up but haven’t been able to organise a volunteer day to sort it out – let us see what we can do. Has your local fireworks display/concert been forced to cancel? Maybe we can help.  Is your community bus service at risk unless more volunteers are found?  Let the One Show spearhead the search to keep it going.  Or maybe you have a dedicated community stalwart who deserves a big thank you – let the One Show organise a suitable celebration.

We are currently at the early stages of planning this but please get in touch as soon as possible if you think you have a suitable project or idea.  

Email and mark your emails ‘One Show Community Action’.’