NEWS: Reepham Open Evening

Following recommendations in our draft Economic Strategy for Reepham, we are very pleased to announce that Reepham Chamber of Commerce is holding a retailers open evening during October 2013.

Research and consultation conducted as part of our strategy highlighted that, as is common across the UK, there is a mismatch between the traditional opening hours of retailers and the availability of free time of residents in Reepham to shop.  This trend is driven by the changing work / life balance of residents and the need for some retailers to adapt to reflect consumer demands.  The mismatch has led to the connection between local residents and their local retailers being lost and significant consumer leakage with residents shopping in other locations where shops are open on a more convenient basis. The retailer open evening one of the projects we designed that seeks to trial a number of measures that will result in residents reconnecting with local retailers and reducing the level of consumer leakage.  If the trial is successful it is hoped that local retailers will start to re-capture a proportion of spend currently being lost to other areas by building new relationships with residents.

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