Reepham Economic Strategy
Reepham Economic Strategy

Reepham Economic Strategy

Client: Broadland District Council
Location: Reepham, Norfolk
Date: 2012-2014

Broadland District Council set up a recession mitigation fund at the height of the economic crisis and has been supporting projects across the district to help drive local economic growth and combat the national down-turn.  As part of this programme we were appointed to review the economy of Reepham, a traditional and beautiful market town to the north west of Norwich and identify small-scale interventions that can reinforce its economic role at the centre of a rural community.

Reepham is a traditional market town with a handsome market square at the confluence of a number of historic route-ways, a large agricultural hinterland and a considerable range of retail and community services.  The town has managed to maintain its role as a service centre and retains a strong sense of community and local identity.

Our work will review the local economy and community in detail to identify areas where the town’s role is vulnerable or weakening.  We will work with local stakeholders to design projects that the community can buy into and deliver to help retain the form and function of this beautiful market town.

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