Aylsham Regeneration & Delivery Strategy
Aylsham Regeneration & Delivery Strategy
Aylsham Regeneration & Delivery Strategy

Aylsham Regeneration & Delivery Strategy and implementation

Client: Broadland District Council
Location: Aylsham, Norfolk
Date: 2011-2012

Services: Economic development  | Management & implementation

We were instructed by Broadland District Council to prepare a Regeneration and Delivery Strategy (commenced at prior employment, Urban Delivery).  The project was the first of our economic-led masterplans and as such, we designed around 50 interventions all of which sought to address specific issues we identified as impediments to economic growth.
Aylsham is a traditional market town with a mix of historic family retailers, an attractive town centre and large rural hinterland.  Like many others, the town centre faces a difficult future with increasing competition from the internet, supermarkets and out of town retailers and is at a fragile point in its history.
Our role was to bring stakeholders together to review constraints and issues and create a practical suite of projects capable of addressing those issues.  Our brief was to design initiatives that could be delivered using voluntary support or with little or no capital outlay.  Advice ranged from rejuvenating the local traders association and creating a platform for local business development projects through to creating devices that linked local tourism destinations with the town centre in order to drive up footfall.
As the strategy was signed off many of the projects and programmes had already begun to be delivered.  At a recent public meeting we were flattered to be described as having ‘seen the town through a fresh pair of eyes and giving it a jolly good kick up the backside!’.
Specific services:
  • Social, economic and property market research comparing Aylsham with other market towns in the region
  • Consultation with the local community, businesses and key stakeholders
  • Project team organisation and design
  • Identification of issues inhibiting local economic growth
  • Creation of a suite of tailored economic development and regeneration projects designed to address specific weaknesses with the town
  • Creation of a new vision for the town and inputs to accompanying marketing material
  • Preparation of funding applications for the DEFRA Rural Growth Network programme and DCLG Portas Pilot programme
  • Established a successful and sustainable Town Team
  • Regeneration and Delivery Strategy
  • Practical guidance on implementing individual projects
  • Prepared a number of funding applications
  • Revitalisation and re-launch of local business group as Aylsham Business and Enterprise Forum
  • Creation of facebook page for community consultation
  • On-going support with the delivery of specific projects such as improved signage, linking major attractions, improving gateways and addressing issues in the Market Place.
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